Server Manual

Flying Islands Vanilla Server Manual

Flying Islands "Dojo" is a minecraft server for whitelisted survival play for friends & family. I aim to create a server with a mature, respectful playerbase. I don’t explicitly forbid griefing, stealing, or PVP, but please don’t ruin other players’ hard work. I aim to keep up with Minecraft updates so players can enjoy the new content.

You can access vanilla with the following IP's:

Rules (Four Commandments)

  1. Whitelist 18+ players only, or a younger player who is recommended by an existing player. New players must be voice interviewed to be whitelisted.
  2. Be respectful, no harassment or blatant racism, sexism or other forms of discrimination. Swearing is ok.
  3. No criminal activity, such as violence, pedophilia, threats, organized crime, or cults.
  4. Don’t do things that force me to make new rules. Examples: targeted, hurtful griefing and stealing.


The FI vanilla minecraft server operates a whitelist. Players of age 18 or older are allowed to join by themselves. Players younger than 18 must be recommended by an existing player. 

A whitelisted player who recommends a new player to the server will receive server currency.


Terrain Plan

No worldborders! I have such an immense amount of disk space, ram and CPU power that it won't be a problem.

Community Day

Once a week we will hold a community day, where we all do group activities and win server currency!

Server Currency: Kibbles & Bits

Our server's economy runs on pet food - 100 bits to a kibble. You can earn kibbles for participating in community day or by buying and selling items on the open market. Or if you're just nice to the admins. We're easy to bribe.

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