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LWC for Creative & Survival

Postby DonkeyTheKong » Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:49 am

During my stay on other fairly complex servers, i have learned that a good anti-grief plugin that takes little to no effort and that keeps protection to a minimum is LWC. Now, granted that the creative server has a very good total anti-grief protection, most players do not know how to use it and rely on knights, lords, and gods; ex. mary and spacecam. LWC offers the ability to stop players from opening doors, chests, and trapdoors aswell as giving the player the ability to make an iron door openable to them the same way one opens a wooden door. The items can be given flags that do not allow different types of griefing and give the items features such as: anti-explosion grief, anti-redstone activation, and auto closing doors. Also the player can edit the protection to allow others the ability to use the items. It would be good for survival because, although it is protection, it is minimal and the structure itself would still be open to grief.

Granted that the survival server is supposed to be bare minimum plugins, it would at least keep people from complaining about stolen items because of the locked chest feature. On locked doors, whatever block it is placed on also becomes locked so the door may not be destroyed through that method. :geek:
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Re: LWC for Creative & Survival

Postby sentientfungus » Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:16 pm

Funny thing is, we've been considering protection plugin changes for a bit now. I'll bring up LWC, but we're currently leaning towards borrowing, (or at least trying out), VoxelBox's Cubicles for Creative, and scripting a custom protection system for Survival. Thanks for the input!
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