What's Solstice?

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What's Solstice?

Postby Colorshock » Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:55 am

Hi! I'm Colorshock and I'm a leader of the Blue Scarves. [BLU]

You may be wondering what Solstice is, well it's the second town of the Blue Scarves and in this post I hope to answer any questions you may have about it.

So, as always, "Where's Solstice?"

Solstice is located in the nether very far away from spawn, completely enclosed with the only enterance being a tunnel.

"What're the buildings like in Solstice?"

Solstice contains rather English and Victorian architecture with glowstone, cobble, and smooth stone being the main buildings blocks. Solstice also uses wooden planks and glass from time to time but not as much as the aforementioned.

"Solstice is in the nether, is it on fire and full of mobs?"

Yes, Solstice is in the nether. But, Solstice lands have been blessed with grass, trees, and everything else you'd expect in the overworld. Only here, you can head straight out into the nether for some action.

"Where can I go to get some action in Solstice?"

Well, you can head right out the exit to hunt ghasts and pigmen, but Solstice also has it's very own portal to a nether fortress, so you can head right through that and hunt blazes should you prefer to do so.

"How do I get a house in a Solstice?"

First you must be a member of the Blue Scarves. After that, head through the Solstice portal at the Hub and inquire within.

"I just joined, what will my housing be like?"

The housing for new recruits is small. It's not hardly as small as Sealab and has enough space to hold plenty of gear and to live comfortably in. Should you want to upgrade to a much larger, deluxe house, stick with us for a while until we feel you deserve the "trusted" rank in our clan. This rank unlocks many other things other than deluxe housing so we encourage that our members strive for it.

"What if my question wasn't answered below?"

Reply below with your question and I will answer it as soon as I'm on the forums.

Ok, I hope this has helped fill in any questions about Solstice. Thanks for reading!
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