What are Sealabs?

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What are Sealabs?

Postby Colorshock » Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:24 am

Hi! I'm Colorshock and I'm a Dictator of the Dragonfist. [DF]

The fact that you're reading this may suggest that you have yet to know what a Sealab is.
In this post I hope to answer that question.

So, first off, "Where is Sealab?"

Well, Sealab is of course, in the sea. Deep underwater and far away from spawn. You can get to it via the submarine in Stormwind.

"What is Sealab made up of?"

Sealab is made up of cobble, glass, and glowstone buildings, mostly rather large cylinders and spheres held together in a futuristic linked fashion.

"What does Sealab consist of?"

A basic Sealab consist of 1 science/mining sphere, 1 leader's den, 4 basic storage units, an exit area, and a news center.

"How do I get a house in a Sealab?"

Well first you have to be a "trusted" member of Dragonfist, after that, find an empty lot and place a sign at the house that you want to occupy and I'll get to you ASAP.

"I just joined, what will my housing be like?"

There is no housing for new recruits. Should you be a "trusted" member, you will get a deluxe house.

What if I'm not a "trusted" member?"

Stick with us for a while until we feel you deserve the "trusted" rank in our clan. This rank unlocks many other things other than deluxe housing so we encourage that our members strive for it.

"What if my question wasn't answered below?"

Reply below with your question and I will answer it as soon as I'm on the forums.

Ok, I hope this has helped fill in any questions about Sealabs. Thanks for reading!
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