The Six Worlds

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The Six Worlds

Postby Eruname » Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:23 am

Here's some information on the six different worlds that we have in the Flying Islands Server:

1. Survival--this is about as basic minecraft as you can get. The survival world is the one that you spawn into when you join the server--look off of the edge of the hub, and you can see it below. There is also a portal to the newer generated terrain found on the hub if the 1.7 terrain isn't to your liking. Pvp and Griefing are allowed here (except in explicit admin-controlled areas like the hub). No inventory-hacking or flying cheats are allowed. It's up to you to survive!

2. Creative--the basic creative world. Has several different portals to different areas, such as the Fungus spleef arena, the rustic village of greentown, or the basic spawn garden (with billions of pixelarts). Griefing is strictly forbidden here, and any destruction of blocks that belong to other players will result in banning. Flymod is allowed, and even included, for maximum accessibility in this world.

3. Skaia--Survival island world. A series of massive islands hovering somewhere high above the surface of the earth bring a new challenge into your gameplay. This is where the majority of inhabitable towns are, due to its interesting terrain generation and possibility of airships and railways spanning hundreds of meters. If you're looking for a new challenge in survival, consider this as a new home.

4. Caelondia--Creative Sky world. The name is derived from the latin word for sky, caeli. It's a creative world of majestic floating islands, and the newest world on the server. The unique terrain generation provides additional inspiration for your builds, and an added touch of fantasy to your gameplay. The rules are the same as for the regular creative world--no griefing for any reason.

5. Nyll--this world is just as it sounds: completely empty. It was generated as a completely block-less world, and thus has endless possibilities. It is a survival world, so it is not for the faint of heart! If you have a particular fondness for heights, or for following infinite roads that lead to nowhere (believe me), this world is for you. It's also where shops are located, so chances are you'll be venturing into the area at some point during your stay.

6. Nether: The hell-world that exists in an alternate reality. You can either access this world via the portal at the hub or through your own personal portal in a survival world. Filled with lava instead of water, and infested with all sorts of nasty creatures, this world is home to the ultimate die-hard players, and a challenge at best for those who simply want some netherrack or glowstone.

all of these worlds can be accessed interchangeably, via the portals on the hub. You don't have to pick just one!
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