Flying Islands FAQ (read FIRST if you have any questions)

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Flying Islands FAQ (read FIRST if you have any questions)

Postby Eruname » Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:55 am

Each and every multiplayer server in minecraft comes equipped with its own set of rules and regulations. The Flying Islands server is no exception! Here we will post all of the frequently asked questions and their answers. If your question isn't found here, feel free to pm a mod or admin. :)

1. Is the server Creative or Survival?
A: Both! We have a total of 5 different worlds for you to choose from. All of these worlds can be reached via the portals located at the hub.

2. What is the Hub?
A: The hub is the floating area that you spawn in when you enter the server, and also the area you default to if you die in survival. It has many resources, so don't doubt its importance!

3. Is Flying allowed?
A: Flying is allowed in creative areas. However, any modding or hacking clients used for flying in survival areas are strictly forbidden. Use of these will result in either a warning or a ban.

4.Help! Why can’t I build?

When you first connect to the server, you have the rank of visitor. A visitor has no build permissions. They cannot use any griefer tools, such as lava buckets, TNT, or flint & steel. They have basic access to plugins, can access multiple worlds, can receive and pay money, and can receive starting kits using "/kit starter". To gain access to build rights, you must connect to the server and issue the command “/rules”. Read all of the rules, and answer any necessary questions in the rules. Tell the answer to a Knight, a Lord, or a God.

5. Where is the library/how do I read books?

A: The Library is located in the hub system, and can be reached by following the diamond blocks . It is an invaluable tool for instructions, but also has some great user-submitted stories if you want some amusing reading material. If you need to know how to do something (rent shops, learn about ranking systems, etc), LOOK HERE FIRST. It is mentioned in the rules, and you will be directed there if your question can be answered there.
To read a book, you can either left or right click on the book of your choosing.

6. What are the Ranks?
A: Here is the progression of ranks:

Visitor: basic plugin access, no build rights, default rank.

Citizen: Citizens can build, use and create /alias commands, and can write books. In the creative world, they cannot attack or take damage, cannot use griefer's tools such as TNT, lava buckets, or flint & steel, and they can claim land using the Residence plugin. Using "/residence set <name>" to claim land costs money, and requires a very small upkeep every once in a while (so that old claimed land can be reused if a player is AFK for a long time.)

Knight: Knights are the VIP's of the server. They are trusted members of the community who have earned the right to use extra tools. These toys include the teleport compass (right click to pass through walls, left click to teleport on top of terrain), the /give and /more commands, teleportation, and various silly attacks like /slap or /rocket. they can also control the weather and time in a world.

Baron: Barons are a little more advanced than knights. They still have the same permissions as knights, but also have the ability to change game modes, and use WorldEdit.

Lord: Lords are the moderators of the worlds. They control most of the core functions of most plugins, with exception to global permissions and files. They can edit the world using WorldEdit, guard it with WorldGuard, and can control nearly all aspects of the server economy.

God: In the beginning there was Chrisknyfe, who touched down in the Golden Lands known only as 'world'. There, he crafted the world to fit his idea of the perfect Minecraft server. He appointed his only brother, Komek, and his friend, Rostelm, to join him in the holy light of the '*' permission, granting them infinite power over the worlds and their inhabitants. Today the gods skip along the flying islands, raising the pillars of civilization.

Current Gods: Chrisknyfe, Colorshock, Eruname, GARnola, _Joshua, and Rostelm.
You may see some existence of specialized prefixes (such as "The French Baron", or "Old Man"), but these are only special names given to deserving people, usually higher ranked individuals, and they are not special ranks in and of themselves. Please do not Ask for a special prefix or suffix, as these are privileges and not server-wide.

7. [b]How Do I get ranked up to Knight/Baron/etc?[/b]
A: The Flying Islands server does not require money as payment for rank. Rather, it is a rewards system in which those who are dedicated to the server, have a good attitude, or are great builders receive ranks befitting their level of achievement. Asking for ranks will almost always guarantee that you never get ranked up. A book on this subject is available in the library.

8. How do I protect my builds/house/chest?

A: Anything you build can be destroyed by malicious griefers - that's why you need to protect your land! To protect a region (called a Residence), use a bowl to pick the corner points between which you want to protect (left click to pick first point, right click to pick second point. Imagine you are selecting two points to make a virtual “cube” around your house. That will be the protected area.) Then, create your region using:

/res create <name of home>

Regions cost money, and have to be periodically renewed as well (so that old land can be reclaimed for other people's use.) Residences cost 0.05 rupees per block to create, and 0.02 rupees per block to maintain every 14 days.

To delete your region, use:

/res remove <name of home>

You can allow or deny specific activities in your residence. To do so, use the following command:

/res set <region name> <flag> <true/false/remove>

For instance, to prevent creeper explosions, type:

/res set <region name> creeper false

To allow piston use within your residence, type:

/res set <region name> piston true

For more information, go to

For a video guide on Residence:

For massive creative builds (those that are truly spectacular), the lords or gods may offer to WorldGuard your creations, which is another effective form of protection. Some Survival towns offer protection in return for residency.

9. My Stuff was Stolen/Broken. Can I get it back?

A: First of all, don’t panic. Ask yourself these questions:

Did my structure get griefed in survival, or in creative?

If your house was griefed in survival, we can’t do anything for you. Griefing and stealing is allowed in the survival world. However, if your build was griefed in creative, you should report this immediately. Lords and Gods can determine who griefed you by using a plugin called Logblock. If the action is logged, we can reverse the damage for you.

List of available Lords and Gods that can revert griefing:
Lords: _JshPuppy_, Catachol, Mad_Thain,
Gods: GARnola, Chriskynfe, _Joshua, Rostelm, Colorshock, Eruname
(Note: Barons and Knights do NOT have Logblock permissions.).

Pvp is enabled in all survival worlds, and unless the damage was caused by something beyond players' control (such as an accidental chunk reload), mods and admins have no obligation to give you back any of your items. However, feel free to hunt the perpetrator down and teach him a lesson.

How did it happen?

You should always try to determine how your house was griefed. If you know that certain people could have griefed you, discuss with them first. Sometimes, it can be a mistake. Before pointing the finger at anyone too soon, analyze the situation, and act accordingly.

Is it my own fault?

Sometimes, we do things that we don’t even know. If you find small griefing in your structure, there is a chance that you may have done the damage yourself. In creative mode, instant-break is very sensitive, and can cause accidents when you don’t expect them. Try to repair the small damage before you report it, but if the problem persists, contact a Lord or God.

Was somebody using my account?

This is a rare, and uncommon reason for griefing, but it is possible. If you have a sibling, relative, or friend who knows your account name and password, understand that there is a possibility that they could have done the damage. We suggest that you should keep your account details to yourself, and not to share it with people.

Don’t forget, you can protect your house using Residence. It is suggested that you protect your best buildings, and keep it protected by renewing your Residence lease for it. Residence will block out all other player actions (by default), so your structure can remain protected from griefers.

10. I found a Glitch. What do I do?
A: Players caught taking advantage of a glitch (permissions where they should not be, etc) will be banned. If something seems fishy, please let a moderator or admin know. That way the server can remain fair for all.

11. How Do I check how much money I have/rent or buy from a shop?

Money is used on the server to buy things, trade with players, or just to show off your 1337 banking skillz. The question is, how do you earn money?
To check your balance, type in:


At the Hub, and towards the right, there are many shops, some owned by the server, and some by fellow players. The first shops you meet are the exchange shops. This is one way to get cash - by selling your extra items, like coal, iron, gold, and diamond. You can also sell mob drops, like bones, ender pearls, and string. Don’t forget that you can also buy from here too. If you need one more diamond to complete that chestplate, head over to the Hub exchange shop and buy yourself a diamond. To sell, left click (punch) the sign shop. To buy, right click the sign shop.
Another way to earn money is to make your own shop. You can find the user-made shops (or, Hub Shops) if you walk past the Hub exchange shop. These shops are run by players, and the space that they rent will last for 7 days if nobody buys from them. Player owned Hub Shops usually sell things cheaper than the Hub exchange shop, so keep your eyes peeled for good deals. If you want to rent a vacant Hub Shop space, stand in the area and type in:

/res market rent <Hub Shop name>

If you do it correctly, you will have rented the shop. Remember, this is not the only way to make a shop. This just makes a Hub Shop, which usually attracts more customers. Once you have rented your space, you can then build your shop (You can make a shop anywhere, for it doesn’t have to be at the Hub). Your shop’s size must be within <> by <> space, with a maximum height of <>. Once you are done with the main building, it’s time to create the actual shop block, using the plugin called Showcase.

Buying from player-made Hub Shops is easy. They are displayed on shelves called Showcases. If you want to buy an item with the advertised item, just punch the sign, and type in the number of items you want.

12. How do I read and write books?

Books are valuable sources of information, for yourself, and other players. Most informative books have already been written, such has the ranking and Residence books. There are many user-created books, such as story books or other informative books. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t write an informative or story book. You can write one on how to survive, about how to use redstone, about monsters, or anything else. There are plenty of subjects to write about. You can even make your own journal on the server.
To obtain an already-written book, ask the player for a copy, or go to the library if it is published there. To take a book from a bookshelf:

Find the correct bookshelf block (there will be a sign stating the title and author)
Right click the bookshelf with your hand (do not right-click with a block or tool in your hand)
You can repeat this process to get as many copies as you want

You now have a copy of the book you want. To read the book, hold the book in your hand and right click in the air. If you want to write a book, however, that is an entirely different matter. If you want to write a book, you need to be able to write it and store in the form of a book, or bookshelf. Here’s how to write a book:

Go to the Library of Leng or Faerce, and find the [Supply] sign for books (or, you can always make your own blank book)
Right click the sign, and take a few books (about 3-5 is good)
Hold a blank book in your hand, and type in /write <name of book>
You have now created a new book! Start typing in the text of your book
To make a new paragraph, type in “::”
When you are done with your book, type in /write -chat
You now have your finished book. If you want it published in the official libraries, ask a Lord or God to publish your book. (Note: Your book will be read through and verified first)
If you want to keep it for yourself, you can put the book in a chest for later usage
If you want to store it in a bookshelf, find an empty bookshelf and right click it with your book in hand

For a visual guide on BookWorm: ... _embedded#!
Success! You have written your book.

13. How do I set warps or a home?

Setting a home and a few warps can be very useful. Setting a home allows you to teleport back home using the /home command. Warps can be created to teleport yourself from one place to another. This makes traveling from destination to destination quicker, and safer as well. To set up a warp, type in:

/warp create <name>

Sometimes, you might want to create a warp that isn’t public. To set up a private warp, type in:

/warp pcreate <name>

Private warps can only be accessed by you, or by an invited player. To invite somebody to a private warp of yours, type in:

/warp invite <name of player> <warp name>

To view a list of ALL available public warps, type in:

/warp list <page number>

To go to a warp, type in:

/warp <name of warp>

Homes are similar to warps, but they are accessed by typing in /home, which is much easier than the warping command. To set up a home type in:


Your home can now be accessed by typing in:


14. Hey Eruname, will you come see my stuff?

A: While it is great (and rewarding) to see what the members create on the server, please remember that admins and moderators are usually busy with either taking care of the server (upkeep, anti-griefing) or developing their own builds. Asking for some insight or help is appropriate every once in a while, but please try to remain independent when you are playing the game. If you need help every five minutes, you will end up getting ignored, simply because we often don't have enough time to devote resources to every single player. If a build is finished, though, invite us over! We love seeing finished builds. Note: Excessive nagging and/or attention seeking may get you muted/temp kicked, depending on the severity of how annoying you are.
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