Seanzito's Pvp Arena Championish [Don't know if i can do it]

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Seanzito's Pvp Arena Championish [Don't know if i can do it]

Postby Seanzito » Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:08 pm

Hello guys,and today i bring you another post from a minigame/arena i made,my Pvp Arena with when i registred i saw the Contests forum and i wanted to make an Championish on my Pvp Arena thath as kits,so ive been thinking about some features in the championish...
1-All Kits Are Avaible Now!
2-Arena Will Have New Builds/Structures!
3-Probaly Prizes For 3rd Place/2nd Place/1st Place!
4-Not Able To Acess The Shop (The Weapon Store In My Arena)
5-Stages For The Arena Will Be Created.
6-New 3 Kits Gonna Be Created,But No Rank Kits (Like its an 3rd,2nd,1st place kits)
7-Chests Will Be ON The Arena

Rules -
1-If you defeated someone,you cant use the player's kit
2-Grace Perioud for 2 mins
3-When championish ends give all the items back

[Suggest Prizes]
Prizes for the place: (3rd or 2nd or 1st)
Name of the prize: (If the prize doesnt has a name,write nothing there)
What the prize does/What's the prize category:
and suggest more!

ONE BIG PROBLEM=BANNED!now you know the reason why there is an [dont know if i can do it] On the title...Plz unban me on creative!I really want to do the championish it would be my first contest! -Seanzito :trophymaster: :trophymaster: :trophymaster:
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Re: Seanzito's Pvp Arena Championish [Don't know if i can do

Postby Chrisknyfe » Sat May 11, 2013 12:49 am

Moot now that the servers are going down.

Locked and archived.
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