Villager House Contest Voting

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Villager House Build Contest Voting

Previous post is here:

The villager house build contest is officially over! We have six participants who have some very nice builds to show off. I even threw in my bid! Some built in survival, some in creative, and some a mix of the two. 

To vote, join our discord here: . I'll post a poll in the #announcements channel.

Here's an imgur album with all of the contestants' builds:

Before voting, go see them in person on our server at!

Ok, here are the contestants:

Desert House - /warp contest1 - by MikoSphinx

Wizard's Tower - /warp contest2 - by Eruname

Hobbit Hole House - /warp contest3 - by WWDragon

Roman Library - /warp contest4 - by Chrisknyfe

Spanish Mission - /warp contest5 - by Mad_Thane

Villager Hotel w/ Construction Crane - /warp contest6 - by Franites

Current rating: 2.3
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