The FI site is up!

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I pulled an all-nighter getting the site ready for release. What took the most time was turning the front page into a giant mc server widget. I had to learn a bit of jQuery to get statistics about the server from the API at . I learned a lot about CSS, the flex box model, dynamically loading content into the DOM using jQuery (super easy), and I got to do a bit of graphic design (I'm a big GIMP user.) I made these neat little loading icons using . Again, super easy. loader
In general I'm happy with the layout. I like the color scheme and integrations with discord and mc.
General todo's and nitpicks from me:
  • I'd like a gallery or portfolio. Even better if it's something that can be dynamically loaded from mezzanine's CMS. Otherwise I'll just use the "solid" template's built-in portfolio widget.
  • I might want to make the header even smaller. 
  • When I middle-click a navigation item, it gets blued out and blends in with the background.
  • I haven't fixed the social media links at the bottom yet. I want to add a reddit icon, though I don't think we use the subreddit at all. Just facebook, discord, and now this website.
  • I need to add a link to the dynmap
  • Add a page summarizing the server rules and mechanics (server bible)
  • Make biographies of each of the admins?
  • HTTPS. I'm uncomfortable using the admin interface until I get that setup. Supposedly easy?
  • Video tutorials and showcases.

Let's talk about Community Day. I know we haven't done many lately. The goal of getting this website up was to use the blog as a place to organize community days, especially for things like the build contest. This blog will make that super easy. I dunno what my deal is with facebook, but I can't seem to figure out how to access the front feed of the FI page there.

For now, let this blog post be your guide to FI. Here's a few links to get you started:

Thanks for being patient with me while I put this together. Looking forward to playing together with you all soon.

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