Community Day: Villager House Build Contest

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First of all, it's good to have a website again. Man I love being able to spin up a long-winded blog at the drop of a hat.

I want to apologize for being silent about Community Day for so long. My original intention was to put up this site before doing another community day, to give us a central place to make long-form posts that might not be as convenient to do on Facebook or Discord. A lot of infrastructure had to be changed to make hosting this website possible, including a few server hardware upgrades and building a new web server virtual machine.

Now that that's all done, I'd like to get started on doing more regular Community Days. Starting today I'd like to hold them every Sunday at 10am PST (that's 1pm EST).

EDIT: Yep, 10am, 10am... I know it's past 10AM! I had to sleep a little bit. But now I'm on (it's ~2:30pm PST). I'll be on all day. Come join me! I'm gonna try to build some hobbit holes and scout out territory for the new spawn.

Villager House Build Contest

For our first community day we're holding a build contest! Build a house for a villager that showcases your unique building style, and then everyone will all vote for the build style they most like!

Rules & Guidelines:

  • The house should be bigger than 10x10 and less than 50x50, roughly speaking. This is not a hard rule. The point is, Andy: I want you to focus on DETAIL
  • Build the house with rooms and furnishings for one or more villagers who have a profession. You can read about villager professions here:
  • It's ok to build with a specific environment in mind (for example, on a floating island, in a mountain, or on a sea shore)
  • Worldedit & creative mode will not be provided for this contest, but I can provide you with some initial materials if you need them.
  • You should protect your build using a golden shovel! We have the GriefPrevention protection plugin.
  • Submit your build to the admins by providing a screenshot and the build's coordinates to the admins on Discord.
  • The building portion of the contest starts today on 4/5, and ends on 4/26. Please submit your build to the admins before then.
  • The voting portion of the contest starts on 4/26. I will compile all the contest entries into a handy blog page, and copy the builds themselves into a separate area for exhibition. Everyone will vote for the build they like the best via a Discord poll.
  • The winner of the build contest will get 40 kibbles! That's a lot of cash (1 kibble is roughly worth a day's worth of grinding, or one community day participation.)

Before we take the server public, I want to redesign spawn. This build contest will help us come up with some new architecture ideas for building a villager city that will surround the central spawn island. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Good luck everyone! Have fun building! And don't hesitate to dm me or the admins if you need anything.

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