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Villager House Contest Extended!

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Hi everyone,

Dojo Tournament [Sun 4/19 1pm PST/ 4pm EST]

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This sunday shall be for a DBZ inspired tournament arena! The event will start at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST. The location will be at the Dojo Arena. You will be matched with your opponent and the winner will move on to the top of each bracket to become Champion! Sign up to participate in the tournament or watch from the stands as battles go on! May the odds be ever in your favor! 

[Sun 1pm] Community Day: Defend The Village

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Morning everyone! This week's community day we are going to

Community Day: Villager House Build Contest

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About Delays & Current Events

First of all, it's good to have a website again. Man I love being able to spin up a long-winded blog at the drop of a hat.

The FI site is up!

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I pulled an all-nighter getting the site ready for release. What took the most time was turning the front page into a giant mc server widget. I had to learn a bit of jQuery to get statistics about the server from the API at 

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